Worldwide - Repair of Diesel Injection Pumps, Injectors, DENOX-units

The technical demands with the repair of modern diesel-injection systems have changed during the last years basically.

By permanent advancement and new investment in diesel test technology our company has appeared to these circumstances and we can offer to you therefore a certified diagnosis and repair of all Bosch components like CommonRail injectors and high-pressure pumps.


Our services

  • Mistake statement by the newest technology Bosch test bench of EPS 815 and EPS 200
  • Injection amount check
  • Check of the magnet reel in the company
  • Major overhaul or partial repair according to demand
  • Recording after German Institute for Standardization EN ISO 9001:2000
  • Worldwide collection and delivery of diesel components to the repair
  • 1-year guarantee (by guarantee directives)

You have a defective injection pump or injectors?
Simply send the satisfactory fax-pick-up order by fax to 08131/27173-27.

Fax Pick-up Order

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